Case Studies


Case Study: Rubino Winery

The Rubino Winery provided an ideal setting to thoroughly push our system to optimize data capture parameters under different conditions.  Aerial videographers and drone operators have to be aware of:

  • solar illumination angles and glare
  • optimal flight heights for data capture
  • image overlap to minimize artifacts in data processing

Image processing

Vegetative indices such as ENDI (Enhanced Normalized Difference Index) typically reveal something about the robustness of the live vegetation in all growth stages. Critical to any interpretation of imagery is supporting the analysis with ground truth information and observations.


Case Study: 16 to 1 Mine

The Sixteen to One Gold Mine is one of the few remaining active gold mines in northern California. GeoAerial was selected to provide high resolution maps of the area surrounding the entrance to two levels of mine shafts that sit on a steep hillside.


Two orthomosaic images were compiled from nearly two hundred images that were georeferenced and corrected for accurate registration on baseline maps. These high resolution images will be used for future planning, environmental impact studies and mining activities.