At the heart of good imagery is the sensor.

Fast. Clear. Sharp.


We have a growing fleet of drones that help us meet the needs of our clients. Each drone is equipped for certain tasks and although some drone models have all the bells and whistles, we will only use the technology that is most effective for the job at hand.


Matrice 100

This is our flagship drone that meets your needs in multispectral scanning and videography. Visible light cameras can easily be swapped out with the multispectral camera, and the platform carries two batteries to maximize flight time. 


Multispectral camera

Our multispectral camera is tuned to capture blue, green and near infrared part of the spectrum. This frequency sensitivity is most suited for agricultural purposes where applications have been developed to calculate numerous vegetative indices that provide information about the health of crops.


Mavic Pro

This is a lot of drone in a small package that is packed with powerful technology. This drone is fast and armed with a sensitive camera that can be use for rapid response videography and image capture. High definition video up to 4K gives you crisp and clear images that are perfect for most applications.


Background image from 80 m height. Zooming in can resolve leaves.

Background image from 80 m height. Zooming in can resolve leaves.



For many years, imagery was only available from satellites or costly airborne surveys flown by aircraft. With the advent of drone technology, the resolution of imagery is brought down to nearly a centimeter per pixel when captured from 100 m high. This means that a leaf is now distinguishable. 

The higher the resolution, the better information you have for analytics. In agriculture this means that new possibilities are available for measuring weeds, biomass and vegetative indices that determine the overall health of a crop.